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Why travel with Caucasus Explorer

Join Caucasus Explorer on a real adventure. We organize unique tours for people who seek to discover new worlds, interact with locals, experience ancient traditions, and trek through the wild.
Whether it be a gourmet tour of Georgia, ethnographic expedition to Dagestan, wine tour of Armenia, or mountain trekking in Abkhazia, each of our trips will transform the way you see yourself and the world.

We are not your usual tour operator

We design and create original tours, only crafting itineraries that we ourselves would enjoy. Together with our guests, we immerse ourselves in the local life of a destination. We explore the wilderness of a region and strive to share the most important elements of a culture with you. Our journeys are structured in a way that you’ll remember them for a long time to come, hopefully forever.

We know and love the Caucasus

We’ve travelled extensively around these mountains by car, horseback and foot. From Adygea and Dagestan to Svaneti and Karabakh, we’ve written extensively about the region for various travel magazines, and we continue to discover its many secrets. We know how to find untrodden trails and interesting guides, thus creating original tours of unusual places.

We make travelling a pleasure

We choose the most appropriate transportation for all roads. We select the best hotels, but don’t shy away from hospitable village homes. We plan all meals and feasts in such a way that you’re never hungry on the road, and get the chance to taste all sorts of local dishes, drinks and delicacies. That being said, our guides are ready to change the trip itinerary at any moment to make the journey even more comfortable and exciting.

Your trust is important to us

We are a small agency, and that is why every client’s travel experience to the Caucasus is extremely important to us. Every client is our guest, and in the Caucasus this means that your expectations will be exceeded. Your safety and comfort are our priority. You can rely on us not only because we have been exploring Caucasia since 2003, but also because our knowledgeable guides know Russian, which is a huge advantage in a majority of the Caucasian regions, especially in the mountains.