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Travel to Abkhazia

From snowcapped mountains to gentle rolling seas

Travel to Abkhazia

View from Mamdzishja mountain to the Black Sea cost.

Abkhazia astounds and makes its visitors fall in love at first sight. Even before the revolution of 1917, these wonderful lands, where the Greater Caucasus mountain range approaches the Black Sea, were in the process of being fashioned into the Black Sea Riviera. During the Soviet era, the towns of Sukhumi, Pitsunda and Gagra were considered to be the finest health resorts in the union.

Thanks to its unique terrain and weather, a day is enough to ascend from the warm beach to the snow-capped mountains and back, on the way you can even visit the old-growth Colchian forests and beautiful alpine meadows filled with flowers and berries. However, nature isn’t Abkhazia’s only treasure. The republic has successfully preserved the uniqueness of its archaic culture that survived the pressure of former conquerors, the continuous onslaught of vacationers, and the push for contemporary standardization and globalization.

Our tours to Abkhazia

We offer both comfortable trips around Abkhazia that leave you with plenty of time to enjoy a resort vacation, as well as more active travels, including long mountain hiking trips. Choose the trip that best suits your travel preferences.

Getting to Abkhazia

Our tours start from Sochi, which is only a 15-minute ride from Adler Airport, connected by regular flights to all of Russia’s major cities, as well as the Abkhaz border. You can also get to Abkhazia from Georgia — in this case, you won’t have to worry about the double Russian visa that you’ll need to enter Sochi.

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Private tours to Abkhazia

You are welcome to join one of our regular groups that we take to Abkhazia. But if the suggested dates and itineraries don’t fit with your calendar, we will be happy to organize an individual tour just for you or your group.