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“The Country of the Soul” – an adventure tour to Abkhazia


Guide — Vasilisa Kazachkova or Dmitry Lemeshev

Group: 3 - 7 people

Visit Abkhazia!

When we were planning this tour around Abkhazia, we were focusing on the people who want to get as many experiences as possible within only 2 weeks of their vacation. This tour is rich in various activities, though we wanted to stay flexible and open to ideas, as in the long run the traveler is most interested in gaining personal, first-hand experience, which may change the pattern of thought and action; the experience that you will keep in your heart for all your life.
In the tour around Abkhazia, we have combines trekking and horseback riding in the stunningly picturesque mountains, communication with shepherds – bearers of culture traditions, and exploration of the heritage of the Russian Riviera period – palaces built in the early 20th century and vast land areas turned into open-air conservatories.
In our attempt to save time and to reach unthinkable destinations, we combine various means of transport: boats, jeeps, horses, airplanes…
You will definitely like it!


August 8. Night on the beach

After we broke out of Moscow’s hustle and bustle, we immediately hit the reserved wild beach. Night, stars and the sea… A campfire and wine. Staying overnight in tents.


August 9. The capital of pirates and the ghost-city in the jungle

The motor-boat will take us to the Myussera recreation house where KGB officers spent their vacations during the Soviet times. We will walk along the narrow strip of the beach – on our left there will be rocks and pine-trees growing out of them; on our right, we will have the sea. Sometimes we will have to walk waist-deep in the water; waves will be splashing against the rocks and the spindrift will be flying off the waves into our faces. A true adventure!

Храм в Амбаре

Стена храма в Амбаре, увитая плющом. Фото: Евгений Лонг

Our destination is the ancient temple in the abandoned village of Ambara that many years ago was the focal point of Abkhazian piracy.
Our way back to the recreation house is through the abandoned village of Myussera nestling in the subtropical jungle.
By the evening, we will be back on the wild beach.
Staying overnight in tents.

August 10. Ritsa highway and a sunset in the mountains

In the morning we will go by jeep to the mountains – to Ritsa Lake.
We will go along the winding road that was built in the 1930s in the virgin forests of mountainous Abkhazia. Part of the road runs along the bottom of the narrow canyon more than 400 meters high. You may find the road even more interesting than the lake!


From Ritsa Lake we will move up further to the mountains – to the alpine meadows.
The jeep will take us to the Anchkho pass; then we will have to rely on our feet and walk, fortunately without our backpacks, for 4-5 hours to the Valley of Seven Lakes. By the sunset, we will come back and set up a camp. There will be a campfire and the starry sky. Staying overnight in tents.


August 11. Meeting shepherds

In the morning, shepherd Solomon will be waiting for us at the pass. He will bring horses who will carry our backpacks. We will cross the Bagrat Iashta ridge to get to the scenic lake at the edge of the fir forest. Here we will see the shepherd’s hut of Solomon. We will stay in his hut for two days.
Staying overnight in tents.

Авторский тур в Абхазию в августе. Вид с хребта Баграт Иашта

«Lake of Solomon» view from the trail. Photo: Andrey Skryabin

August 12. Shepherds’ leisure time

On this day, we will have several options of spending our time. Each of us can decide what to do to spend time to their liking. We can walk down the trail to the Narzan mineral spring, which is in the forest, at the Pshitsa River, or decide in favor of the opposite route – have a horseback ride to the Bagrat Iashta ridge to gather thyme and bilberries. We may also stay in the hut and watch the shepherd’s daily life, pick mushrooms in the vicinity of the hut and cook something scrumptious.
Staying overnight in tents.

Авторский тур в Абхазию в августе. Пастухи.

Inside a summer hut of shepherds.

August 13. Trip to Pskhu village

On this day we are leaving the shepherd’s estate and go to Pskhu village located far away, in the fertile valley. The residents of the village are Russian settlers who have been living there for more than 100 years; tourists can’t hide their astonishment when they see the traditional lifestyle and appearance of the residents: blue eyes, fair hair…
The horses will help us during our trip: They will carry our backpacks.

Everything will depend on how fast we will move: We will either reach Pskhu or will have to stay at the Rikza farmstead, not far from the village.
We will stay overnight in the guest-house in Pskhu or at the Rikza farmstead.

August 14. Flight to Sukhum

In the morning the crop-duster will take us to Sukhumi. It will take us only 30 minutes to get to Bobushary Airport located within 20 km from the capital of the country.
On this day, we will make a trip to the hot springs in Kyndyg village to warm up and massage our muscles and ligaments that may be tired after our mountain walks.
We will also get acquainted with Sukhumi by walking along its streets and embankments, tasting the metropolitan version of the national cuisine, visiting interesting people – residents of the city.
Staying overnight at the Atrium-Victoria Hotel (4*).


August 15. Jeep trip to Eastern Abkhazia

Моквский собор

Church in Mokva village. Photo: Alexey Korablev

We will spend the whole day traveling by jeep around Eastern Abkhazia. Temples built in the 10th century, Tkuarchal ghost-city, authentic rural life…

Тур выходного дня в Абхазию

Traditional abkhazian house. New house, built in 80s is from the left side, old house, build in 60s, is in the middle. And «apatskha» — ancient abkhazian type of house, is from the right side. There is an open fire in the center of the house, meat, cheese, pepper are smoking above it. Photo: Evgeniy Long

At the end of the day, we will come back to the hot springs in Kyndyg; we will have an enjoyable evening on the sandy beach, sipping wine and savoring khachapuri (cheese pie).
Staying overnight at the Atrium-Victoria Hotel (4*).

August 16. Mysterious canyons and fabulous forests

Тур в Абхазию в августе. Ущелье Холодной речки

In the canyon of Cold river. Photo: Tengiz Tarba

In the morning we will go to the foothill area located north-east of Sukhumi, to the Tsebelda Valley. We will have a walk along the gorger of the Cold River where ancient box-trees and fairy-tale hornbeams are fleeced with moss and look like magic and enigmatic plants.


Then we will go up to see Amtkyal, a huge forest lake, and, if we still have enough energy, we will try to find Azant Dolmen, the highest dolmen in the Caucasus. By the end of the day, we will go down to Sukhumi. Staying overnight at the Atrium-Victoria Hotel (4*).

August 17. New Athos

In the morning, we will make a trip to New Athos located only within a 30-minute drive from the capital.
New Athos is the place where you can spend the whole day, gaping. On the top of the hill there is Anakopia fortress – the ancient capital of the Abkhazian kingdom. The renowned New Athos Cave is located in its vicinity.

There is also one of the most beautiful railway stations in the Soviet Union – Psyrtskha station. Next to it there is a manmade waterfall on the dam of the Psyrtskha HPP – one of the first hydro-electric power plants built in the Caucasus. At some distance from is there is famous New Athos monastery.

Новоафонский монастырь

New Athos monastery — one of the most important ortodox centers in the region. Photo: Alexey Dumchev

At the end of the day we will walk around the beautiful park, admiring outlandish plants, canals, ponds and swans who have chosen them as their home.
By the evening we will move to the wild beach in the Pitsunda-Myussera Nature Reserve.
Staying overnight in tents.

Парк в Новом Афоне

Park of New Athos. It was esteblished by monks in the period 1880 — 1910 year. Photo: Stanislav Lyalin

August 18. Beach and going back home!

Our final swimming in the sea, short trip to Gagra – to have lunch and walk around the park laid by the Prince of Oldenburg. Transfer to the airport.


Included in the price :

  • guides;
  • all transportations;
  • accomodation;
  • meals;
  • museums and other tickets.

Not included in the price:

  • your flight to Sochi and back;
  • suveniers and other personal expenses.

What to have with you

  • comfortable clothing for outdoor activities;
  • rucksack, sleeping bag and camping mat

Other detailes:

  • single suppliment in hotels 50 USD;
  • discount for children under 12 is 50%
  • we require 15% nonrefundable prepayment.
  • please, get in touch with Dmitry Lemeshev for booking and other issues [email protected], phone +7 926 213 99 81