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Our approach to creating adventure tours

Most of the time tourists only see the “façade” of things when they visit a place. For the majority of people, traveling to other countries is limited to seeing a fabricated image of a place, rather than being truly immersed in the experience and adventure of sharing a culture. At Caucasus Explorer, we have a very different approach!

Discovering the true spirit of a location

We have discovered treasures that locals don’t normally share with tourists, or simply consider to be ordinary everyday things. On our signature tours an expert guide will take you to the very heart of a country and its people, providing you with truly unique experiences.

No time to get bored

By combining a variety of activities, we strive to make your adventure tour as intensive as possible. That said, we never forget to slow down once in awhile to allow you to enjoy the experience and let it sink in, rather than taking pictures and hurrying off to photograph the next touristy spot!

The Guide’s Role

You are going to find yourself in a different country with unfamiliar surroundings. Just remember that in every situation you can count on your guide, who will answer any questions you have! Relax and let your guide arrange anything and everything you might desire during the trip. Don’t forget that this trip is your adventure and our guides are there to help you.

Flexible Routes

Standard tours are similar to going to a movie theatre. Nothing can change the story line after the film is already produced. Our adventure and tailor-made tours are completely different. We work out routes to the smallest detail and are always ready to improvise because unexpected twists and turns are what make a regular trip an adventure!