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What is Caucasus Explorer

We are a team of kindred spirits. Once upon a time, our thirst for travel and adventure brought us to the Caucasus. Some of us were attracted by the pristine mountains, others wanted to learn the languages and crafts of the local peoples, and some simply wanted to enjoy the southern sun and hospitable local feasts. In our years of travel throughout the North Caucasus and the Transcaucasus, we’ve visited dozens of beautiful locations, met hundreds of wonderful people, made lots of useful acquaintances—and gotten to know each other really well. We fell in love with these mountains, and have since gained a real feel for them. Finally, we decided to share this “feeling of the Caucasus” with everyone who’s interested.

We organize trips around the Caucasus

We’ve developed original tour itineraries based on our own travel experiences. We mapped the optimal routes, aiming to find a perfect balance between physical exercise and chilling out, between getting in touch with nature and immersion in the region’s culture. If you dislike a component of our tours or have some special requests, we can take them into account and create an individual tour just for you, your family or group of friends.

We continue to travel

It’s impossible to explore all of the Caucasus, but one can always learn something new. Which is why we regularly go on trips ourselves by car, foot, or on horseback, negotiating mountain crossings and fords, spending the nights in boutique hotels, village homes and tents. We do this to come up with new adventures that will be available to you soon.

We help develop local travel economies

In our years of working in the Caucasus, we’ve learned a lot and now feel responsible for the wellbeing of this land. We try to help local residents earn a living from the riches that surround them; too often they don’t notice the uniqueness and beauty of their native landscapes and traditions. We help them to create new products for tourists, and help set quality standards, so that they can offer more to each of their guests.