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Photo tours of the Caucasus

Over the years, photography has become an increasingly popular interest among many of our guests. This year we decided to bring it into focus.

Of course, every Caucasus Explorer trip is full of opportunities to capture incredible scenes and moments, but now we offer specialized tours for those who don’t want to spend time on anything but photography. These tours are great for anyone who is working on updating a portfolio, wants to learn from other professionals and photography enthusiasts, or would like to master new techniques on the ground and in a short period of time. While photography is the focus of these tours, we still stand by our main promise — to turn every trip into a lively and exciting adventure.

After taking one of our photo tours of the Caucasus, you will never again look at a landscape shot and say “this is Photoshop, this can’t be for real” — because you will know for certain that it is real, you’ll have seen and shot such views yourself!

Photo tours 2020

Other tours

If our suggested dates and routes don’t fit with your schedule, or if you would like to take a trip on your own, we can organize an individual tour for you.

What’s special about our photo tours

Developing new techniques and capturing riveting experiences

The tour groups will be accompanied by a tour guide who is also a professional travel photographer and photography instructor, and who will gladly share his expertise and offer timely advice. Panoramic photography, stacking, luminosity masks, toning, the use of flash and artificial lighting — the mastery of these techniques may take years. With our photo tours, you’ll have a chance to quickly explore and master unfamiliar techniques, and sharpen your skills through a series of specially selected locations and events.

Special itinerary

The life of the photographer is a constant search for special moments — the first luminous rays of sun hitting gentle mountain slopes, sunset coloring snowy peaks, natural light illuminating a canyon waterfall. Regular tourists will most likely sleep or dine through such moments. Each day of our photo tours is planned to give participants the best light at every location, without missing any precious moments or unique opportunities.

Full service for professionals

We’ll take care of all the logistics, recommend the best vista points, and even show you views that have never been photographed before. A short trip with us will leave you with pictures that would otherwise require months of independent research and preparation. We understand the importance of inspiration in any creative work, and know how to provide the necessary level of comfort even in the farthest corners of the Caucasus. We’ll help you save time, sanity, and — most likely — money too.