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About Caucasus

The Caucasus is a complicated phenomenon. It is geographically bound by the Greater Caucasus Mountain Ridge in the North and borders Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan in the South, but you could argue even more about its civilized borders. There’re about twelve republics in this territory and three of them aren’t recognized by the UNO and only six of them are part of the Russian Federation.

There are a lot of different nationalities with their own unique histories, difficult misfortunes and original cultures living in the Caucasus’. They are all united with one Caucasian culture, but you can hardly distinguish the basic traits of it. It’s not Europe or Asia; it’s a unique civilization that has been absorbing the most distinctive traits of the surrounding long-ago cultures including the Scythians, Ancient Greece, Arabic, Mongol, Byzantium, Persia, Western Europe, Turkey, Russia and many others.

The Caucasus’ have always been a place of conflict for large countries’ interests, the place where no great transmigrations of peoples could pass by. From the point of view of anthropology and ethnopsychology, the Caucasus is a very interesting place. Some experts call this place an ethnographic reservation of Earth. The cultural layers of different times from the matriarchate period to the contemporary globalization epoch living in the human consciousness here.

The Caucasus is also a unique natural reserve with a fantastical and varied landscape. The rocky motives are about 5,000 meters high and give way to endless moors, alpine meadows and glacial borders on subtropical forests. Many relic plants have survived the times and you will feel as though you are in a “lost world” when you see them. Finally, the Caucasus means clean and fresh air, life-giving water and great cuisine which allow the people here to often live to be centenarians.