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Travel to Dagestan

The Hidden Heart of the Northern Caucasus

Dagestan is home to dozens of nationalities. In this eastern rim of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, you’ll find Europe’s highest villages as well as hidden valleys, isolated from the rest of the world by rocky mountain crossings. It’s a true ethnographic reserve, and many of the republic’s highlanders still wear traditional clothing, keep the secrets of ancient craftsmen, and live in accordance with age-old Muslim laws.

After arriving to Dagestan, many of our companions ask, “Is this even Russia?” —that’s how special and unusual everything is here. We’ve been bringing tours to this Caspian republic since 2013, but to this day we persist in our exploration and continue to be amazed by its diversity. The word “tourist” is practically unheard of for the majority of Dagestanis. Each stranger in a village is a pilgrim, and should be treated as a guest, and every guest is sacred! Concern for a traveller’s comfort and safety is so paramount in this land, that our tour groups are regularly “handed over” as we are taken to the next village and entrusted into the care of friends and relatives.

Our tours to Dagestan

Group-tours 2020

Trekking the Caucasus
Expedition Across the North Caucasus. From the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea
6th of July - 17th of September

Tailor-made tours

Getting to Dagestan

As a rule, our tours of Dagestan begin at the Kharami automotive mountain pass, Dagestan’s natural highland border with Chechnya. You can also get here by airplane, flying to the republic’s capital, Makhachkala. There are also good highways and railways to Dagestan from Azerbaijan, Chechnya, the Stavropol Region and Kalmykia.

Please, take into consideration, that Dagestan is part of Russian Federation, that is why you’ll have to get Russian visa. You can get information about Russian visa here.

Did we spike your interest? Then find out more about Dagestan!

6 reasons for your Dagestan travel
Upon arrival a lot of people ask me: “Is Dagestan in Russia or not?” This can be explained by how different, diverse and unusual everything feels here in comparison to the Central regions...

Inspiring video about the trip of British photographer Luke Duggleby to Dagestan

Tailor-made and private tours to Dagestan

Throughout the tourist season you can join any of the groups that we take to the mountains of Dagestan. If the given dates and itineraries don’t fit with your schedule, you have some special preferences or want to travel solely with your own company, no problem! We are always happy to organize an individual tour just for you and your group.