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Travel to Georgia

Incredible wines, rich food, music and adventure await!
We’ll spare you the descriptions of Georgia’s gorgeous Caucasus Mountains. We won’t try to convince you that every stone in this country breathes history. We won’t remind you that every visitor who lands in Tbilisi airport is considered an honored guest, a distinction that comes with numerous and wonderful perks. And we definitely are not going to mention the merits of Georgian cuisine and wine. In short, this beautiful land requires no extra advertising.

If you’ve never been to Kakheti, Svaneti or Ajaria, you must know what you’ve been missing, and that it’s easy to remedy the situation. We are here to help—we know all about Georgia’s history and geography, and we love the its people and their culture dearly, so all of our journeys in Georgia are based on this knowledge and love. If you agree that a good guide is an essential part of a successful trip, trust us, our guides will show you the best of Georgia.

Choose the right tour to Georgia

We offer comfortable journeys that alternate between feasts and wine tastings, visits to remote mountain villages and light hiking trips in lush nature. We also offer weekend sojourns to Tbilisi, where one can experience its vibrant city life.

How to travel to Georgia

All of our tours start in either Tbilisi, Kutaisi, or Batumi, all of which you can fly to directly. For most international guests, Georgia is visa-free and the border guard will simply stamp your passport upon entry. Yet the article about Georgian visa might be useful.

Visa to Georgia

Didn’t find your tour?

You can join one of our group tours to Georgia, but if you can’t fit the available dates and routes into your schedule, have some special preferences, or only want to travel with your own group, we can organize an individual tour to Georgia just for you. All you have to do is get in touch, and we’ll come up with something special!

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