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Travel to Ingushetia

A Stoic Corner of the Caucasus

Ingushetia looks like some fairytale country. Two sacred mountains tower over the republic: One is Myat Loam, where, in ancient times, people went to pray to the god of fertility. The other is the rocky Tsey Loam, home to Sela, the god of thunder and thunderstorms. Legend has it that sometimes he turns into an eagle and soars high above the land, watching the people and meting out justice for their good and bad deeds.

People primarily come to Ingushetia for the mountains or, rather, the tower architecture of its highland valleys. Historically these valleys were full of people, populated by free peasants and ruled by councils of elders. One of Russia’s oldest Christian temples can be found here, side by side with pagan shrines. Today, the highland valleys are mostly empty. Their silent beauty is punctuated by slender high towers, some alone, and some in clusters. Walking around them one can easily imagine the life of these highlanders as it was centuries ago.

Tours to the Ingush Republic

Our trips to Ingushetia are usually done as part of larger expeditions around the North Caucasus, but we also offer short, one or two-day tours around the republic.

Group-tours 2020

Trekking the Caucasus
Expedition Across the North Caucasus. From the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea
6th of July - 17th of September

Tailor-made tours

Getting to Ingishetia

The mountains of Ingushetia are easily accessible by car from Vladikavkaz and the Ingush cities of Magas and Nazran. Then again, even Grozny is no more than a 3-hour drive from the famous tower installations of Ingushetia.

Please, take into consideration, that Ingushetia is part of Russian Federation, that is why you’ll have to get Russian visa. You can get information about Russian visa here.

Tailor-made and private tours to Ingushetia

If you have special requests in terms of dates and itineraries, we can organize an individual tour to Ingushetia just for you or your group.