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Our team

Dmitry Lemeshev

Project manager, traveler

“I love the Caucasus. My life revolves around traveling the Caucasus for the last nine years. Exploring the area for me began with writing a guide-book for unrecognized republics. My first years in the Caucasus were filled with conflicting experiences: starting from being a watchman on an apiary in the Abkhazian mountains and living at a monastery in South Ossetia, to organizing hiking tours and ethnographic expeditions. Now my interest has shifted closer to the eastern part of the Caucasus – Dagestan, the most fascinating Caucasian republic.
I have been organizing tours to the North Caucasus, Abkhazia and South Ossetia for foreign tourists since 2011.”

Vladimir Sevrinovsky

Traveler, journalist, author, poetry interpreter

Lives in Moscow, Candidate of Science in Economics. Former CEO and now a traveler and an editor of National Geographic Russia. Visited 67 different countries and traveled across almost all of the Russian regions.
“Russia is probably the most fascinating country in the world with its variety of nature and cultural background. Years of traveling in Russia completely changed me and forced me to revise my seemingly concrete beliefs and priorities. The beauty of nature and human souls make you feel so complete and full of life. The feeling is so strong that it makes you want to share it with everybody – talking, writing books, and, most importantly, helping people to see this beauty with their own eyes. Certain places are especially close to your heart; you just want to keep coming back. For me this is the Far North, Siberia, and, of course, the Caucasus.”

Anton Agarkov

Travel photographer, teacher and photo guide

Anton is one of the best travel photographers of Russia. He is an ambasador of Tamron company and pro-rider of Marmot in Russia. Anton is a winner and finalist of such prestigious competitions as «Wild nature of Russia» and «Best of Russia и AdMe photo Awards», his photos were published in National Geographic.
Anton took part in expeditions in Caucasus, Central Asia, Kamchatka, wild coast of the White Sea, Argentina, Mongolia. In one of the trips he even camped near the erupting volcano.
Anton Agarikov is talanted photographer, who is good in landscapes, architecture, ethnographic reportage, he is a master of photo processing.

Olga Masiutina

Tour guide


Olga lives in Vladikavkaz. She has two higher education (Philologist and Interpreter), she is Master of Sciences in Linguistics and a master of Sports of Rithmic Gymnastics. During Winter Olymplics of 2014 in Sochi she worked as a simultaneous interpreter of International Olympic Commitee. Now she is an English and Spanish teacher in Vladikavkaz.

«For me Caucasus is the most beautiful place on the Earth. I was born in North Ossetia and I was brought up in the incredible atmosphere that is unique to the Caucasus.
Caucasus is a land with rich history, populated by many nations with individual continuing traditions, personallities and religions.
During my study in Spain, I realized that travel is my passion! I have been to almost all countries of the European Union. I decided to become a tour guide, because I like to know new people, their culture and customs.»

Diana Zukhba

Tour guide in Abkhazia

Diana lives in Sukhum, but is originally from Ochamchira, a small town near the Georgian border. She grew up in an international environment; her father is Abkhazian, and her mother is Mingrelian but speaks both Mingrelian and Georgian. As a child, Diana spoke three languages and lived among two cultures. This diverse background later inspired her to pursue a masters degree in linguistics, and now she speaks Abkhazian, Mingrelian, Georgian, English, and a bit of Turkish, German, and French. Diana is a citizen of Abkhazia and does not have a Russian passport, thus she cannot travel around the world; she can only dream of doing so. Yet, her job as a tour guide gives her the opportunity to communicate with people of so many different cultures—she finds it extremely fulfilling!

“When I understood how great my love for my country and its traditions really was, I found that I was ready to be a guide. I really want to show my guests the tiniest details of our culture, which are hidden from most who come to Abkhazia as tourists. Though more and more people are getting to know about my country, I want to go on spreading information about it. I would like to show my guests the hidden beauty of Abkhazia.”

Vadim Turkin

Mountain guide

Vadim was born in Moscow and spent here almost all his life. How did he become a mountain guide? Probably because as a child, he spent 2-3 summer months in a cossack’s village in the North Caucasus with his grandmother. When he became older, he started coming to the Caucasus on his own to climb the mountains. Now Vadim’s mountain experience is over 10 years. He graduated the mountain tourism school of the Moscow State University mountain club, which is one of the most respectable in Russia.
Now Vadim has an experience of leading groups of friends and clients in Altai, South Ural, Crimea, North and South Caucasus. His favorite regions are Adygea, Krasnodarskiy krai, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Georgia.

Vadim speaks poor English, that is why Anastasiya, his wife, assists him. Anastasiya grew up in Austria and lived there for 14 years before she moved to Moscow. She speaks fluent English and German. She is a professional translator and psychotherapist and she loves mountains probably as much as Vadim.

“Hi guys! Mountains are my addiction. I can’t live without them. Furthermore, they gave me another passion — photography. That is why I make my routes through beautiful places only! You are welcome to my photo page and to my trekking and hiking tours!

Mikhail Golubev

Mountain Guide, Caucasus mountain expert


Leader of trekking tours since 2000. He set an ultimate goal to travel across the entire Caucasian region and is working his way toward achieving it without taking a step back. You can review the map of Mikhail’s routes here.
He has recently been organizing trekking and hiking tours to the Caucasus for beginners and skilled travelers.