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Travel to South Ossetia

Experience the Unexplored Caucasus

Over the last nine years, we’ve travelled the length and breadth of this little republic. We didn’t want to miss a single thing, so we explored it meticulously, valley by valley. We searched for 10th century temples and found humble Ossetian sanctuaries. We walked among the lakes of the Keli Highland and drank water from mineral springs. This is a very special corner of the Caucasus, unlike any other, where people lead quiet and simple peasant lives with subsistence farming, strong friendships and love of guests.

Here, you can visit the Ossetians, try homemade Ossetian beer and cheese, then go to see the Georgians, who will offer you homemade wine and sulguni brined cheese. Twenty years of infighting has helped the mountain forests to return to their primordial state: there are places where bears are more common than men, and even the population of mountain deer is reappearing, gradually. If you consider yourself a curious person in search for new discoveries and adventures, then you don’t want to miss your chance to visit this amazing republic.

By the way, we have just published an on-line guide about South Ossetia ossetia.guide

Our tours to South Ossetia

Because very few people want to visit South Ossetia, we rarely announce regular tours. However, we can fulfill any individual tour requests, and always look forward to returning to this special world on the other side of the Greater Caucasus mountain range.

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Why to South Ossetia?
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How to get?

Getting to South Ossetia

The road to South Ossetia starts at Vladikavkaz, which you can get get to via regular flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg. From there, a short drive through the recently reconstructed Roki Tunnel will bring you to your destination.