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Special Tours

If you are headed to the Caucasus with a specific objective, whether it be filming a documentary, conducting ethnographic research, or embarking on a scientific expedition, we can help you plan and implement your trip with ease and comfort. Even if all you are seeking is an expert opinion, or basic support navigating in the region, our experienced team of guides is here to provide advice and help. Write us a message or give us a call, and we will be glad to collaborate with you!

Group tours 2020

Project Portfolio

Production of a film
In Mt. Elbrus area for the 3SAT TV channel (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)
Filming of TV series
about Levison Wood’s trip across the North Caucasus for British Channel 4
Coordinating a photo tour
for British photographer Christopher Roche to make pictures of Dhikr
Helping the Jazirah Islam TV project
Indonesian documentary about Muslims of the world
Organization of photo tour
For Russian Instagram bloggers
Logistical support
for a project that was researching evidence in favor of Thomas Mitchell's “evolutionary theory of snowdrops”
Helping American TV-show
to make the the film about travel adventures in the North Caucasus
Organization of interviews in South Ossetia
and logistical support for private theater company from London