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What are tailor-made tours?

Each of our tours has a real author, the guide, and we call them designer tours because a lot of work goes into preparing them. The guides don’t just put together the itinerary and accompany the tour group. They lead you on the adventure, serving as reliable assistants, knowledgeable narrators and inconspicuous companions.

We carefully draft tour itineraries

Our trips are designed to help each of our guests lift the touristy veil, and get in touch with the genuine spirit of a place. We are the right company for this task, because in our years of travelling we’ve found such treasures that are rarely shown to strangers. We aspire to make our journeys as intensive as possible by combining a variety of intriguing activities that will ensure you never get bored. That said, we are aware that each itinerary should include a few days of rest to digest impressions, internalize new experiences and simply relax.

Itineraries can change!

Going on a standard tour is like watching a movie in the theater—no one is going to change the screenplay after it’s been shot, edited and released on the big screen. Our tours are different. There is a certain story and a detailed itinerary/screenplay, but we’re always ready to improvise, taking into account circumstances such as your interests, preferences, and occasionally the weather. Our objective is not to get a group through a fixed tour program, but to show you as much as possible and to organize things such that you’ll end up in the right places at the best moments.

Trust your guide

When you travel to the Caucasus, you may find yourself among strangers, in a country with a different culture, in unfamiliar and at times even extreme circumstances high up in the mountains. It’s very important to trust your guide, and to depend on him. The guide will resolve any difficult situations, and will take care of you when necessary. Of course, don’t take it to the extreme, as no one is going to lead you by the hand and constantly tell you what to do. A trip to the Caucasus is our shared adventure, and the guide is there to help you enjoy new experiences and come back home with many great impressions.