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Travel to Azerbaijan

An ever changing and diverse land, right on the edge of the Caspian Sea
While our team began exploring Azerbaijan only recently, we’ve found this face of the Caucasus to be unlike any other. From the majestic ridges of the Greater Caucasus mountain range in the north, to the humid Talysh forests in the south—this Caspian land has absorbed the cultures of the many peoples who have lived among its mountains and passed through its borders. Thanks to this awesome diversity, the language spoken in one highland village may be a far cry from that of a neighboring one that’s located just beyond the mountain crossing.

Villagers in Azerbaijan may continue to live just as they did hundreds of years ago, but the opulence and contemporary architecture of the capital city, Baku, will astound even veteran travellers. And the food! Everything that you’ll try—meat kebabs and thin dough qutabs with different fillings, piti soup from the Shaki region and rich and sweet baklava—will be remembered as some of the best gastronomic experiences of your life. Plus, you can take home a special token of your trip: Azerbaijan is home to several centuries-old schools of carpet weaving.

Our tours to Azerbaijan

How to travel to Azerbaijan

Our tours start in Baku, which you can fly to directly. However, most visit to Azerbaijan are part of our bigger tours around the entire Caucasus region. Yet the article about Azerbaijan visa might be useful.

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Have you ever heard of Talysh?

Discover Talysh
Why you should visit and learn about South Azerbaijan

Private tour to Azerbaijan

You are welcome to join one of our regular groups that we take to Azerbaijan. But if the suggested dates and itineraries don’t fit with your calendar, we will be happy to organize an individual tour just for you or your group.