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Trekking & hiking tours

Near "Bezengi Wall". Photo: Denis Elagin

Near «Bezengi Wall». Photo: Denis Elagin

Have you ever felt the cold breeze of a glacier? Have you ever seen clouds hugging a snow-covered mountain ridge? Have you ever enjoyed the aroma of wild flowers in the middle of an alpine meadow? If yes, you will understand why we are inviting you to the mountains. If not, this is your only chance to experience this natural beauty by going trekking with us through the Caucasus.

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Advantages of Caucasus Explorer’s trekking and hiking tours

If you are a detail oriented person and are looking for something specific, you have come to the right place. Our hiking tours have a few characteristics that will exceed your expectations. Whether you want to traverse rocky cliffs and raw forests, or meet the fascinating folks who live in these pristine lands, each trekking experience will be new and exciting.

True Wilderness Travel

We hike through untouched mountains that are rarely explored by tourists. This makes our trekking and hiking tours true wilderness travels through areas yet unspoiled by careless humans.

Small Groups

Typically we organize trekking tours for small groups of 6 to 10 people. This allows each group member to receive as much attention as needed and adds an improved level of safety!

Traveling Light

Travelers in the Caucasus are accustomed to traveling light, so during our trekking tours your backpacks will be carried by horses and donkeys. Only during complicated expedition routes where it is impossible to utilize pack animals will you have to carry your own backpack. In such cases we try to use only modern light-weight equipment and plan our trip with frequent stops to replenish supplies.

More than just trekking

The Caucasian mountains are a plentiful land and similar to other mountainous regions populated by fascinating cultures. During our trekking and hiking adventures we like to stop and talk to shepherds in small mountain villages and learn about their ancient traditions. We never pass by an opportunity to spend the day in a city or by a sea shore.

We are also always ready to transform our standard tour itineraries to take into account your special wishes and requirements. Simply write or call us, and we’ll take care of everything.