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Trekking in Western Caucasus. From Teberda to Dombay

Karachay-Cherkessia, June – August

Guide — Vadim Turkin

Group: 5 – 9 people

У Хаджибейского озера

Getting ready to make a trip to the Caucasus, we expect that we will see gree valleys, mountain lakes boasting a wide range of blue color shades, and glaciers you can admire from a short distance. Our trip to the Teberda ridge will satisfy your expectations, though we are going to get off the beaten track offered to most of the tourists. As a reward, we will enjoy an amazing feeling of being away from civilization.

Map and itinerary

Day 1. Trip to the mountains

Distance: 170 km; Duration: 5 hours.
Вид на Эльбрус с перевала Гумбаши

Arrival at Mineralnye Vody Airport; trip to Teberda, a famous mountain resort. The road runs across Gum-Bashi pass where you can enjoy one of the best views of Elbrus.
We will have a walk around Kara-Kel Lake and will go to the Zoo to look at representatives of the Caucasian fauna. The steam bath-house and opulent Caucasian dinner prior to our hiking in the mountains.
Staying overnight at «Yeti House» hotel.

Day 2. Along Azgek Valley

Trip with backpacks 7 km; gain in altitude 700 m.
По долине Азгека

The trip by off-roader along the Mukhu River – we don’t walk where we can use vehicles. Then, a walking trip through the fir forest, along the pristine Azgek River.
We will set up our camp in the alpine meadows, at the elevation of 2,500 m.
Staying overnight in tents.

Day 3. Azgek Lakes and Khadzhibei Lake

Radial exit 3 km; gain in altitude 500 m.
Trip with backpacks 5 km; gain in altitude 400 m; drop – 200 m.

Азгекские озера

Before the lunch time, we will make a short trip up to Azgek Lakes and then, without backpacks, to Azgek pass to see Khadzhibei Lake surrounded by unapproachable rock peaks.
After the lunch – a trip to the foot of Toguz-Kel pass (Nine Lakes). An ascent of the top of Toguzkel-Bashi and enjoying the view of Lake 2946.
A descent to Green Lake in the upper part of the Malaya Marka River.
Staying overnight at the elevation slightly below the lake.

Day 4. Valley of the Marka River

Trip with backpacks 12 km; gain in altitude 200 m; drop – 400 m.
Долина Кичи-марка

A descent to the valley of the Marka River. Short-time rest in the forests after the high mountains; then, a trip up to the alpine meadows. The day in the scenic valleys!

Day 5. Trip to Baduk Valley

Trip with backpacks 9 km; gain in altitude 700 m; drop – 400 m.
Большое Маркинское озеро

Passing by Marka Lake – the largest on our way – we will walk up to Baduk pass (3,004 m) – a rocky plateau with huge boulders. Then, we will go down to Baduk Valley, to the site where we can stay overnight.

Day 6. Baduk-Khutyi pass

Trip with backpacks 6 km; gain in altitude 500 m; drop – 600 m.

Долина Бадука

Photo: http://mormyshka.livejournal.com/

A difficult trip upwards, across the lifeless highlands, to reach the pass where we will have a panoramic view of the Dombay mountains and Elbrus.
Then, we will have a long trip down to a deep gorge, coming across numerous waterfalls on our way. Staying overnight at the clear-water creek.

Day 7. Khutyi pass

Trip with backpacks 7 km; gain in altitude 500 m; drop – 400 m.
Горы Домбая

The snow-covered pass – a narrow gaping in the rocks.
The pass will offer you stunning views of Elbrus and the Dombay mountains. The clear-sight distance is 100 km when the weather is good.
Walking down to Kichi-Teberda Valley.
The radial exit to Lake “3027” below the top of Bolshaya Marka (3,758 m).

Day 8. Kichi-Teberda pass

Trip with backpacks 7 km; gain in altitude 400 m; drop – 900 m.

The last mountain pass on our way. We will be able to see the ice-capped peaks of legendary Dombay. Walking down the trail to the valley of the Alibek River to the namesake alpine camp.
Staying overnight in the alpine camp.

Day 9. Rest in Dombay

Radial exit 2 km; gain in altitude 300 m; drop – 300 m.
Тур в горах Домбая

Light-handed walks and enjoying the surrounding scenery: waterfalls on the rocks at Alibek glacier, Turie Lake. Staying overnight in the alpine camp.

Day 10. Back home

Distance: 210 km; Duration: 6 hours.
A long trip to Mineralnye Vody Airport.



  • English speaking guide 24 hours per day;
  • transportation;
  • meals;
  • accomodation ("Yeti-house" hotel in Teberda, tents, alpine camp "Alibek");

Not included:

  • your tickets to Minaralniye Vody
  • personal equipment rent (sticks, sleeping bag, rucksack);
  • suveniers and other personal expenses;
  • sport insuranse.

Spessial equipment. You will need:

  • rucksack;
  • caremat;
  • sleeping bag;
  • trekking boots;
  • Clothing for trekking in the mountains;
  • trekking poles.

Other detailes:

  • you are to book before 25st of April 2017;
  • get in touch with Dmitry Lemeshev for booking and other issues ([email protected], +7 926 213 99 81)