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Vadim Turkin

Vadim was born in Moscow and spent here almost all his life. How did he become a mountain guide? Probably because as a child, he spent 2-3 summer months in a cossack’s village in the North Caucasus with his grandmother. When he became older, he started coming to the Caucasus on his own to climb the mountains. Now Vadim’s mountain experience is over 10 years. He graduated the mountain tourism school of the Moscow State University mountain club, which is one of the most respectable in Russia.
Now Vadim has an experience of leading groups of friends and clients in Altai, South Ural, Crimea, North and South Caucasus. His favorite regions are Adygea, Krasnodarskiy krai, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Georgia.

Vadim speaks poor English, that is why Anastasiya, his wife, assists him. Anastasiya grew up in Austria and lived there for 14 years before she moved to Moscow. She speaks fluent English and German. She is a professional translator and psychotherapist and she loves mountains probably as much as Vadim.

“Hi guys! Mountains are my addiction. I can’t live without them. Furthermore, they gave me another passion — photography. That is why I make my routes through beautiful places only! You are welcome to my photo page and to my trekking and hiking tours!