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Wine Tours to the Caucasus: Georgia & Armenia

The slopes of the Caucasus Mountains and the Armenian Plateau are the world’s oldest winemaking sites. The Armenian village of Areni is home to the remains of the planet’s oldest winery that operated 6,100 years ago. Neighbouring Georgia boasts winemaking traditions that have been developed without interruption for thousands of years. Local feasts complete with toasting, wine horns and tamada toastmasters are given an honorary mention in every guidebook about this region. Today, the Caucasus is experiencing a genuine winemaking renaissance: new wineries are spreading like wildfire, rare indigenous varieties of grapes are being cultivated, and traditional methods are once again in use alongside modern ones; Caucasian wines can even be found among elite wine lists. All of this makes the Caucasus one of the planet’s most riveting wine regions, and we invite you to explore it with us.

Our wine tours

What makes our wine tours special

Wine people

Meetings with people, especially the winemakers, form an important part of all our wine tours. Their backgrounds may differ, but they all share a deep passion for wine. We believe that such encounters create memories for life. In addition to the winemakers, we also organize meetings with experts such as sommeliers, wine consultants, vineyard farmers, and other specialists, such as historians, archaeologists and artists. All of these people help us to better understand and enjoy local wines.

Traditional and contemporary

Our wine tours offer more than just visits to modern winemaking facilities, we also explore millennia-old winemaking traditions, and sample wines made from both indigenous and international varieties of grapes. We seek to balance our tours and “blend” these two aspects, so that you get a chance to experience local wines and compare their special characteristics with those of wines produced in more traditionally popular regions.

Not just wine

Our wine tours are not limited to wine tastings, gourmet feasts and visits to local wineries. We also visit historical attractions, enjoy short nature hikes, horseback adventures, bicycle rides, and spontaneous encounters with local residents.

Private wine tours

We are also always ready to transform our standard tour itineraries to take into account your special wishes and requirements. Simply write or call us, and we’ll take care of everything.