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Michel Behar


“Off the beaten track travel has been my passion since I turned 6. I always dreamt of crossing deserts, ascending mountains and exploring isolated islands, all of this and more I have been doing for the past 30 years to over 90 countries totally.
I led my first tour when I planned and led a family trip through countries behind the iron curtain to Istanbul at the age of 12.
I have led some 30 tours to Russia, and at least 20 to the Caucasus.
My first time in the Caucasus was in 1994, when I was adopted by a couple of Georgian businessmen, they introduced me to some great food, wines and songs. A week later I received a VIP treatment in Abkhazia, rubbing shoulders with its leaders. I knew I was going to come back many times.

I love sharing my passion for history, geography and cartography. I am fascinated by the quilt of ethnic groups and the thousands of years old history and culture. The strong will to preserve ancient traditions persists, despite the fact the people were influenсed for centuries by Persians, Ottomans and Russians.
The beautiful landscapes made up of fertile valleys and barren mountains keeps amazing me, and I love the encounter with shepherds and farmers, and visiting ancient cities.”