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Организационная и экспертная поддержка съемок телевизионного шоу “Road Less Travelled with Johnathan Legg” о Северном Кавказе

К нам обратилась команда шоу “Road Less Travelled with Johnathan Legg” с просьбой помочь в съемках travel-шоу об их “приключениях” на Северном Кавказе. От нас требовались идеи сюжетов и их реализация.
Из десятков наших идей были выбраны следующие:

  • сюжет о встрече героя передачи с мастером владения кабардинской шашкой и его учеником;
  • сюжет об участии в традиционном осетинском застолье.

Съемки были проведены успешно, ждем выхода сюжетов на телеканале Discovery!

Отзыв заказчика

«Vladimir Sevrinovsky and Dmitry Lemeshev (with the help of the rest of the team) helped us:
1. Write the plot about the area. They performed as top subject-matter experts with years of experience and perfect in-depth understanding of the unique culture. They devoted themselves to their job and very precisely worked with us for months on pre-production.
Their research of the Caucasus republics saved us a lot of resources.

2. Organize and book the trip including booking speakers, logistics, excellent accommodation options. Because of their hard work we were lucky enough to get permission to areas that foreigners wouldn’t have access otherwise.
As a result — saved resources and unique content.

3. Problem-solving on the way — even though we faced some challenges due to political situation (connected with the terrorist attacks in Paris), Vladimir and Dmitry performed as our legal counsels, guides, and deeply trusted friends. They stoically protected our interests and went through very uptight filming schedule better than some of our team.
Caucasus Explorer couragesly saved our content, our time and us from serious difficulties.

On top of this Dmitry and Vladimir are sharp intellectuals with the excellent sense of humor, very easy-going and risk-taking, there was not a single time when they said no to our request. I’m sure there’s no need to explain how beneficial these qualities are in a production mode.

Our whole team is still under the impression on their personal and professional attributes. I would highly recommend them to any other team.»

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