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South Ossetia: summer in mountains

Гид — Dmitry Lemeshev

Patrick Baumann

I decided to visit South Ossetia with KAVKAZ Explorer. Despite of the warnings in the internet and my friends. I said goodbye to everybody as if I would never see them ever again and took my airplane from Zurich to Dusseldorf, then Moscow, then Wladikavkaz. To be honest I was a bit scared. Will Dimitry be there at the airport of Beslan? Without him I will be lost in the North-Caucasus! Yes, he was there and I felt a bit more save. One hour later the rest of the group arrived. All together we were a group of 5 persons. 4 russians and me from Switzerland. First we visited Wladikavkaz, then the city of the dead in Dargavs. We slept outdoor. It was a unique experience and I started to feel save in the wild and beautiful Caucasus. The next day we headed to South Ossetia. What then followed was a hard mountain trip. But it was an absolutely great experience!!! The nature was absolutely great! And so was the hospitability of the ossetian people! I was absolutely amazed. The trip ended in Zhinwal, the capitol of South Ossetia. There we slept in an abandoned church close to the city. From there we went back to Russia. All together I have to say that this trip was one of the best things I have ever made!! Dimitry is an excellent powerful guide and I can absolutely recommend his tours!!! I will join one of his tours again for sure :)

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