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How one “chudu” has driven a wedge between two villages

Daghestani "chudu"

The filling for “botishal” is made of curds and potatoes, whereas the filling for “berkal” is made of potatoes and curds. These thin sun-like pies are adored by all the guests of Daghestan, and it is your choice how to refer to them…

New Russian winemakers

Вечерний вид из окрестностей Абрау-дюрсо.

A couple of months back we discovered a wine region in the westmost corner of the Caucasus. We were flabbergasted: our stereotypes of Russian wine were blown to smithereens. Recently we recovered from shock and embarked on an alcohol-cum-adventure journey to explore Krasnodar wineries in detail.
Although this region is new and developing, it has already got genuine wine masterpieces to its credit recognized by the international community. There are large and small wineries, and even “garage” manufacturers. Everyone knows everyone, everybody is on friendly terms with everybody, doing their best to foster Russian winemaking.
There’s an overflow of energy. Winemakers are in quest of ideal combinations of grape varieties and terroirs, and one’s individual style… It’s history is in the making. The history of a new major wine region of the world.
We, wine connoisseurs (but still a far cry from being professionals) are interested not as much in wine as in winemakers. Every single individual has a remarkable background. Oftentimes, wine served as a pretext for communication… We have already realized that it’s high time to design a tour, “New Russian Winemakers”.
By the way you can already taste Russian wine in our «Western Caucasus» tour.

The philosophy of the Daghestani khinkal

Создатели кафе "Дагестанская лавка" в Москве: Мурад Калаев, Камила и Расул Паркуевы. Фото: Александр Вайнштейн

What shall every man in the Caucasus be able to do: to feed the guest, not to starve on the trek, and to properly choose a wife. All these problems can solved by means of the khinkal, the main dish in the Daghestani cuisine.

Murad Kalayev, and the siblings Rasul and Kamila Parkuyevs, the owners of the «Daghestani Store» at the Danilovsky Market Place in Moscow disclosed some secrets of the Daghestani cuisine, and told us how girls get married in Daghestan.