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Brazilian tourists in Derbent

Sometimes it takes much time to get a video…
Here is one day of the first tour, which we organized for Brazilian group. It was in May 2016!

First Brazilian tourists in mountains of Dagestan

In May 2016 we made a tour for the group of tourists from Brazil. It was 2 weeks from Makhachkala to Stavropol. We immersed in rural traditions, enjoyed wild mountains and touched city cultures. We managed to travel as young people despite the fact, that our oldest guest was 82 years old!
This video is about 3 days of that trip…

Seven Secrets of the Kubachi Shawl


Apparently, it is an ordinary shawl. However, on closer inspection, it can tell a lot about its owner and her family…

The Daghestani village Kubachi is, first of all, famous for its goldsmiths.
But this village is known not only for its jewelry… The women of Kubachi wear singular shawls or the kaz which easily identify them at first glance. We interviewed the female villagers about the secrets of this remarkable headwear, and here’s what they told us.

How one “chudu” has driven a wedge between two villages

Daghestani "chudu"

The filling for “botishal” is made of curds and potatoes, whereas the filling for “berkal” is made of potatoes and curds. These thin sun-like pies are adored by all the guests of Daghestan, and it is your choice how to refer to them…

The philosophy of the Daghestani khinkal

Создатели кафе "Дагестанская лавка" в Москве: Мурад Калаев, Камила и Расул Паркуевы. Фото: Александр Вайнштейн

What shall every man in the Caucasus be able to do: to feed the guest, not to starve on the trek, and to properly choose a wife. All these problems can solved by means of the khinkal, the main dish in the Daghestani cuisine.

Murad Kalayev, and the siblings Rasul and Kamila Parkuyevs, the owners of the «Daghestani Store» at the Danilovsky Market Place in Moscow disclosed some secrets of the Daghestani cuisine, and told us how girls get married in Daghestan.